Trigger Emotions Using Web Push Notifications – Part 2

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Studies show that marketers can create an entirely new pool of prospective audience by designing ads that evoke emotions inside them. In general, individuals tend to make spontaneous decisions if a product or brand brings out their innate feelings. Although selling the products on the basis of their utility or virtues is the traditional approach, and frankly-speaking, works quite brilliantly, marketers can tap into their audience’s mindset to develop more intense loyal brand following. In the last article, we had discussed some ways in which web push notifications can be leveraged to trigger emotions within individuals. Here, we have compiled a few more of those innovative marketing strategies that use the poster boy of digital marketing – push notifications.

Create a Sense of Belonging by Giving Out Exclusive Offers

Loyal customers wish to be treated differently. After all, they have devoted their time and money on your time and again. Therefore, you need to show them appreciation. To do that, you can start by giving out special offers only they get to avail. These offers will encourage users to make more purchases and remain loyal to you.

Making Users Anxious by Blending Urgency with Discount

Having a sale? Why not tell your users about it? By telling the users that they need to hurry to avail the offer, can be priceless. Remember to play with their psyche by conveying that the offer isn’t going to be there for long. This will help accelerate conversions on your website. Furthermore, these notifications also compel the users to click on the web push notification right away, so that they do not miss out on the deal. To maximize the effect, you can also tell how many pieces are up for sale.

Convey a Sense of Achievement

Make the users feel proud of themselves. Let them know that they have achieved something and let them revel in that feeling for some time. You can start by giving them vouchers, gift cards and reward points to make them realize that their contribution is a big achievement in itself. After all, users getting options where they can shop for free? What more could they ask for!

Building Curiosity

Web push notifications are an excellent way to build suspense into the customers’ minds, as they can be created with only bits of information. Once the users see the notification, they will immediately get curious and their anxiousness will be enough to make them click on the notification and reach your website. Furthermore, you can encourage them to unwrap the mystery so that they ultimately discover your offer page. Overall, this technique makes it irresistible for the users.

Instill Fear

Remind them that they have an item in their cart and that there are only a few pieces left. It sometimes slips out of the user’s mind they have abandoned their cart. Touch upon what will happen if users do not make a purchase right away. The limited stock or an up on sale announcement creates a sense of fear that they might lose it forever. This will give them the required push to convert.

Surprise Them With Care

Pamper them by sending them reminders and alerts when they need it the most. Assure them that they can depend on you to keep them up to date. This makes them care-free and helps them concentrate on other things that matter and leave the rest to you. Once they know you have their back, they will gradually become your loyal customer. After all, who doesn’t like to be spoilt?

Boost Self-esteem

Make them feel like an expert by using the ‘Who knows it better than you’ approach. Boost their confidence and let them know they have it in them to make the best of decisions when it comes to shopping. Show them the faith you have in them and motivate them to buy. Sometimes all they need is someone to appreciate them to boost their morale.

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