Trigger Emotions Using Web Push Notifications – Part 1


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Emotions are very hard to control, and therefore, cause individuals to make spontaneous decisions. Nowadays, businesses keenly induce emotions in their campaigns to leverage exactly this. While some marketers sell by showcasing the product’s features or value, others sell through emotions. For example, Coca-Cola has been playing the emotional card to win over customers for quite some years now. Their campaigns such as Hug me campaign, Share A Coke, Share a Feeling campaign, and Coke happiness truck campaign – all riding high on the emotion index. As a result, Coca-Cola has successfully evolved from being a cool drink into a bottle of happiness, creating a loyal consumer base in the process. In this article, we will see how emotions have the power to turn the tables in your favor. Furthermore, we will show how you can leverage web push notifications to turn up the emotional quotient in your campaigns.

Why Emotions Rule The Game

In our daily life, we use so many things just because we have seen our parents and probably even our grandparents using them. Sometimes it so happens that we are influenced by a very innovative display ad, or by the fact that the brand supports a cause that you care. These reasons explain as to why you go for a particular product brand every single time. Once marketers are able to involve their targeted audience emotionally, they can make them convert without giving a second thought. It is all about capitalizing at the right time on the right emotion.

Web Push Notifications As A Marketing Tool

Web push notifications are bite-sized clickable updates that can help marketers make lasting first impressions on their customers. These notifications can not only help you grab the user’s attention but also engage and retarget them. That said, you don’t need the users to be on your website or even online. What these notifications do is leverage geographical targeting to send real-time notifications or schedule them.

Segment Users To Connect

If you want to trigger the right emotion, you need to know your users – who will react to what. Therefore, you need segment users according to their behavior, activities, and interests, before sending them relevant notifications. This helps you design personalized notifications for each user. Once you are done with the segmentation, you can use the information to automate the notifications. This will help you save efforts, time, and minimize any last minute glitches. You can also set drip notifications to engage and convert users – a trait that helps improve your brand image in the mind of the consumers.

How to Design Web Push Notifications that Strike an Emotional Rapport

It is not enough to tell your users how to feel. Show them instead! Web push notifications can be designed to evoke emotions and grab eyeballs. You can start with a catchy title complete with emoticons. Subsequently, you can complement it with a lucid tempting message, a banner image that intensifies the emotion you are trying to convey and playful CTA buttons that encourage users to click on it. Overall, you need to build an emotional connection with users from day zero and welcome notifications can help you with that. You can show them how much their subscription matters to you. Slide in a discount offer to welcome them onboard.

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