Tips to Improve Traffic and Repeat Sales on Your Website

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Does your website generate lots of traffic but there are no sales? If yes, then there’s something you need to do. But first, you must understand that not having conversions from traffic has always been one of the most common problems in e-commerce space. To make sure that you convert, there are few things you might want to consider – is your website driving relevant traffic? Do you have a limited product inventory? Is the website user-friendly? In addition, here are a few tips to help you improve traffic and repeat sales on your website.

Check Bounce Rate

Bounce rate allows you to calculate the number of users who have landed on a particular webpage and then leave without browsing any further. This might be happening because you have not placed any linking to other pages. To avoid this and encourage more users to stay a bit more on your website, therefore, you could add a ‘People Who Bought This Also Bought’ or ‘You Also Might Like’ sections to the pages. Furthermore, you may also want to check for broken images on the pages, delays in loading time, and site optimization for multiple devices.

To view which pages have high bounce rates, you can refer to Google Analytics’ bounce rate tab. You may have to change the sort type to ‘Weighted’ to filter out pages that got just one click with 100% bounce rate. Additional tip – you can also add a secondary Source/Medium dimension to know which channels are contributing to the higher bounce rate.

Optimize Marketing Channels and Paid Techniques

Optimizing the paid techniques and marketing channels is an important step to engage and retain the users, and encourage them to convert. You need to understand that not every customer converts on the first go, especially if your website sells end products. Therefore, you need to target the right target audience and engage them in the right context at the right time.

Analyze Exit Pages

Under the Google Analytics tab for exit pages, you can find information about pages from which users leave after visiting multiple pages. The benefit of this exercise is to find out the best possible ways to make these pages more conversion-friendly – either convert the user or take them closer to conversion. You must understand that not all exit pages are bad if the users perform the desired action and then leave.

Encouraging Users To Make A Second Purchase

While getting the users to make one sale is quite an achievement, it should not be always the end of the road for you. After the sale, you need to take care of the post-purchase engagement. Herein, you need to make sure that the users are informed about order delivery details. Once the product is delivered, you also need to get in touch with the users for feedback on the product as well as service. To further impress the users, you could surprise them with a special gift that accompanies their order.

By standing out in terms of service and product quality, you can increase your chances of getting a second conversion from the user. Finally, comes the tricky part of retaining users. While discount offers and promotional emails are quite popular in the e-commerce space, you can also use push notifications to reach out to your target audience and influence them with personalized discount offers.


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