Top Strategies To Make Users Convert On Your New Website

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Nothing is certain when you venture into uncharted waters. This adage is still quite relevant, especially while cracking that first conversion on a new website. Often, it can test your patience, but most importantly, it will make you question your skills as a website owner. For all you know, your website might be amazing, however, merely having an attractive website doesn’t make it attract users. You need so much more. This article will help you strategize your marketing capabilities and get traffic on your new website. Take a look.

Make People Aware of Your Website

First, you need to think outside the box to grab eyeballs, create a good recall value and do things differently than your competitors. First, you need to let people know that your website exists. To do this, you can start off early by building curiosity and hype around your website through promotional stories on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Announce about the website’s launch on your personal social feeds across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin by adding your website’s link to your email signatures and taking help from your near and dear ones to get the word out. Furthermore, you can begin promoting your new website within your close network. By getting your family involved, you can also get honest feedback relating to your website and use that to improve it.

Interact With Facebook Groups and Participate in Forums

You can join the forums and groups on Facebook that are relevant to your website. Start off by being active on Forums (here are a few forums you can join – Shopify Forums, Digital Point, Web Retailer, Reddit) and Facebook groups (here are a few Facebook groups you can join – Ecommerce Entrepreneurs, Shopify Entrepreneurs, Ecom Empires). Reach out to people, ask queries, participate, contribute and get observed. This will help you get feedback as well as some free traffic.

Guest posts

As you are just starting off with your business, you need to write content for different blogs who receive good traffic. For starters, you could write on a topic you have expertise in or anything that would pertain to your business. You need not write specifically about the products you sell. But you can mention who you are, what you do and link it to your new store in the author bio.

Reaching out to a bigger audience with Paid marketing

Avoid ad fatigue, keep more than one creative ready. The bidding for both Facebook Ads and Instagram is the same. It has been observed that Instagram gets more impressions. It is advisable that you hold your horses when it comes to Google Ads, as it won’t give you traction in the initial stages.

Instagram Ads

Instagram lets you target the right users and display your products to the right audience. You can also get in touch with Instagram users who have a huge following list to feature your products. Get yourself up on the Instagram stories to reach out to more users.

Facebook Ads

Facebook’s powerful targeting helps to reach out to the right users. Its advanced features let you target a specific set of users, provided you know your target audience well, like their demographic information, interest, and behavior. Monitor your campaigns, analyze them and try out different Ad sets. Aim at creating awareness and interest.

Google Ads

This is a bit complicated for someone who has just started off with a store or who have not yet dipped their toes into the ocean of AdWords. It is advisable that you embrace this, once you think people would be searching for you organically as this is a search based discovery channel.

Influencer marketing

Wouldn’t it be just awesome if an influencer mentioned you in one of the videos, or if they post a photo of themselves using the product! No doubt, it will leave an impact. The trick here is getting in touch with the influencers. You could mention them in the blog posts that you write, and let them know by reaching out to them. Make sure that you are not tagging bigass influencers who won’t even notice. Some influencers do it for free as well, in exchange for the products you sell.

Long-term plan – Building Marketing channels

Marketing channels should definitely find its place in your new store. Start building your marketing list so that when you are up for targeting users, you are ready. You don’t need to start working from scratch and start digging a well at the last moment.  


Lure users with exciting offers, or tell them what kind of emails they would receive (like new collection shoutout, back in stock alerts etc) if they subscribe. Emails are useful when you need to provide an elaborate description of a product or show multiple items that users can buy, or when you need to send them an order confirmation mail, with every single detail on it.

Web Push notifications

Send automated triggered notification sequences to engage, retain and retarget users. Once you begin receiving traffic, you need to start adding them to your subscriber list. Users are usually hesitant to provide their email addresses in the first go, and this is where web push notifications can be made use of as users can opt in without providing any information. Due to its prominent position and crisp nature, it catches the users eye within seconds and is easily consumable. We have observed that web push notifications contribute to both assisted conversions and final conversions. It retargets users with personalized sequential notifications and helps in recovering abandoned carts.


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